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Ellen Block

Office Manager

Growing up with a family full of attorneys, it came as no surprise to Ellen that conversations about the law often dominated the dinner table. With a handful of lawyers already in the family, Ellen Block began her career elsewhere, but always kept an interest in the profession. After spending the first 10 years of her career in real estate and real estate development, she discovered the A/E profession. With her background, Ellen serves as the point of contact for SCOPE clients on contractual matters and has contributed to the creation of written policies and procedures such as employee manuals, financial controls and other key internal policies.

While her responsibilities at SCOPE are endless – she is known for her attention to detail, responsive client service and ability to collaborate with user groups.

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What book(s) are you reading?

Where the Sidewalk Ends.  An anthology by Shel Silverstein

PANCAKE? (Where the Sidewalk Ends)
Who wants a pancake,
Sweet and piping hot?
Good little Grace looks up and says,
“I’ll take the one on top.”
Who else wants a pancake,
Fresh off the griddle?
Terrible Theresa smiles and says,
“I’ll take the one in the middle.”

How do you describe SCOPE?

SCOPE is a creative engine of the architectural kind. And that’s why I love coming to work. We are a group of creative people running a business that brings new life to old spaces and extra life to new spaces that never existed before.

What is your favorite area in Charlotte? 

Any area in Charlotte where people gather for work or leisure are favorite areas of mine. I especially like industrial and manufacturing areas of town and have a small collection of modern industrial art at home.