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Your design vision and aesthetic are thoughtfully cared for during each step of our creative process.

Scope Projects

As a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) architecture firm, we stay specialized in order to provide a high level of personalized service. Likewise, we believe that good design practices should recognize individual participants and tailor services to them. Your architect should be able to customize the right solution for you and offer improved outcomes, not just services.

At SCOPE our main sectors consist of industrial / manufacturing, clean room operations, commercial offices, retail and other mixed-use projects such as food franchises, as well as laboratory projects. We design these spaces to maximize production, efficiency and expandability. Special attention is paid to creating environments that balance design and aesthetics with long-term planning, flexibility and workplace safety.

When you work with us you benefit from a customer-centric / one-on-one service experience with our team. Getting the most productivity per square foot while creating safe, pleasing spaces takes finesse. That’s what we do at SCOPE every day.